As much as I love Christmas, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. A lot of my friends who moved away come home during this time,  people aren’t tired of the holidays yet and who doesn’t love a reason to binge eat?

I attended my first Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving event last night. My lovely friend Monica, hosted at her and her boyfriend’s condo. They moved all the furniture out of the living room and brought in small tables and we decorated them with candle holders, baby pumpkins and votives.

There were different groups of people there but we all came together to say thanks for our friendships and this beautiful town we live in.

Potluck for days

I made my famous deviled eggs… which of course I completely forgot to take a photo of. It amazes me how people think they are hard to make. It’s my go to for potlucks because it’s very rare that people won’t like them. I made 20 eggs total, split in twos and they were all gone! 

The damage

I’m finally feeling more into the holiday season and last nights get together really pumped me up for it.

A few posts back I spoke of how I was dreading this holiday or lack there of. I worked up the courage to tell my mom that I really wanted a holiday since we haven’t had one in four years. She actually agreed and has started making tons of plans. Although this season will be sad (due to my stepfathers death earlier this year) I think staying busy will make it better for her.



Thinking before speaking

I was on a date with Mr Nashville last night. He decided to drive to Memphis on a whim, and although I have been sick with the plague this week I was interested to see if this date would be different than the debacle that was last week.

He picked me up at my apartment. I decided to wear a red long flowing maxi since it wasnt too hot with the recent rains cooling the summer night air. I kept saying to myself, “please don’t have on crocs, please don’t have on crocs.”

He didnt. But he was also dressed down. Khaki cargo pants and a Memphis motorcycle club tee shirt. He said, “wow you look beautiful.” I thanked him but I wanted to remind him we are still dating and he still needs to try but I let the words just linger in my head instead.

We decided on sushi for dinner and drove to east Memphis. The same restaurant me and Number Four would frequent. I was nervous at first that we would see him or his sister but I had to let those fears ago. Once inside we started talking and it good again. Maybe he really was just tired last weekend or maybe I was. He asked questions about the night before and suggested we find some live music to go to. 

I found free live music at Loflin Yard. I hadn’t been in a few weeks and I thought this would be a great atmosphere to take Mr Nashville. Test out the waters. I was interested to see how he would handle being around alcohol, ( he is a 13 year recovered alcoholic) but he had no problems.

The music was ok, mostly covers by a guy/girl duo. The bugs were biting and we were thankful for the bug spray they were passing out.

As we sat under the lawn lights and people watched he asked me,” When are you truly happy?”

I had to pause. He told me I didn’t have to answer right away but he was curious. He said that he was his happiest outside, riding a dirt bike or running those seven miles he does a day. He doesn’t even listen to music when he runs. He said his mind just empties and he is relaxed. I liked his answer. 

My answer revolved being with family and friends. I feel the most happy when I am sharing time with someone. This goes back to one of my love languages, Quailty Of Time. If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages I suggest it. I do also like being active. Sitting at home makes me sad so this week I have been more bummed.

A breeze picked up and I got chilled. It was time to end the date. He drove me home and walked me to my door. 

Just a hug, no kiss.