For the first time since I have been single again (break was at the end of February) I have STOPPED trying to date. I think I was using constant dating and dating apps as a way to cope with feeling unwanted, unattractive, and rejected. I hoped from one almost relationship to the next, picking them apart because I knew my heart wasn’t in it.

It has now been three weeks since I swore off dating. And I feel more at peace than ever before.

My nights a slightly more boring, but as I gear up for the 10k I am running in December, it is giving me more time to focus on myself.

Isn’t is strange how a relationship can suck everything out of you? The confidence you once had. Your ability to open up to new people and how to love yourself.

At this point in my life I long for a lasting relationship and marriage and *gasp* children.


I don’t know if it is truly worth it anymore. I am leaving it up God to push me in the right direction. If it is meant to be it will happen. No more going out and seeking so hard.

I am grateful for my last relationship. I learned so much. But I also put so much of my energy into it and I am not ready to do the same thing. Hopefully one day I will feel up to it again.




My Mom and I walked in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure over the weekend.




Moving On

I have met a nice guy. He is smart, funny, tall, attractive and overall I am very comfortable with him. We have gone on about 6 dates over all and while I did not have immediate feelings for him, the more time I spend with him the more I like him.

I was actually ready to end it with him last week. There are a few things we don’t agree on so my excuse to ending our courtship would be easy. He is 28 years old and bit lost right now (as all 29 year olds his age seem to be). He asked if I would go to Texas Day Brazil this past Thursday and I agreed. I was adamant that this would be our last day.

Half way through dinner he said, “May I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course.”

“Are you happy?”

I was completely thrown off guard. I thought he was going to ask me something completely different. I answered immediately, “Of course I am happy.”

He responded, “I ask this because you sometimes seem sad about things, and it appears your family causes you a lot of stress.”

I thought about it. And while there are many things in my life that are very good at the moment; my job, living in Memphis, dating…. there are many things that make me sad.

I decided to open up. And I told him, everything. I told him about my ex that died, and the disappointment from my failed last relationship, and how I sad I am still about the loss of my stepfather in May that I have not began to grieve for. It was heavy material, but he responded so well. He opened up as well about some things that make him sad. About the life he has led where for a long time he was the parent to both of his parents and how this has skewed him and how he is trying to fix it.

I saw a different side of him and I liked it. I was sad when the night ended.

The next two days, I reflected on it. I began to realize what I was doing. I was pushing someone away who cared for me because deep down in my subconscious I am still waiting on my Ex to call and say he made a mistake. I can’t move on because I can’t let go.

Then, like a sign from God, on Saturday I was scrolling through facebook and one of my co-workers was at a charity event. My ex and his sister (who he has this unnatural relationship with) were in the background. His hair was cut back to the way he had it when we were dating and him in his same old clothes. I only saw his back, but it sent a shockwave through me.

For one, I realized immediately that he will never change. He will always be glued to his sister. I messaged my friend there and she saw him but didn’t realize he was in the photo. She said he was playing 5th wheel to the group (as usual). I tried to push it out of my mind and attempted to enjoy the rest of the evening with my friends.

On Sunday, me and the new guy went for breakfast and a walk around down by the River. Once again I found myself relaxed and enjoying his company even more. He has an ease in the way he has been so caring for me. Very subtle but I know he likes me, as he has told me on a few occasions.

After our walk, I decided to use the afternoon for more reflection. And then I did something really strange and I am slightly embarrassed to admit.

I contacted a physic.

YES. I realize that this is just so silly of me.

Here is the information I gave her: Mine and my ex’s birthday. The amount of time we dated and that we have been broken up for 7 months. And the question I asked was, “Am I foolish for waiting for him to change his mind?”

That was the only information I gave her.

I received a 3 minute video and her response was chilling.

“I hope you are doing well today. And I hope you don’t find this message negative. But from the cards, I see that your previous relationship had no backing. You cared way more than he ever did and deep down you know this. He always had one foot in, and one foot out. He is stuck in the past with someone, and for a bit he honestly thought he was going to get her back after he dumped you. But that did not work out. He will never feel remorse for dumping you because his heart was never fully in it. If he ever does, it will be long down the road, for the cards that I read show him being a lone for many years. Do not think that the breakup had anything to do with you. In fact, he only stayed as long as he did to please those around him. It is time to let him go and my advice is to completely move on. In fact, I see someone coming into your life in the next few months. Someone completely opposite than him. Someone with light hair, light eyes who will admittedly care for you in ways that Chad never could. It is time to let go so you can completely open up. Stop waiting for something that will never happen and move on.”

I was floored. She nailed it. And although everything she said I already knew, it was like the final straw in my wait for him. And I really realized it was NEVER going to happen.

She was right… there is a tall lighter hair man (which i normally do not date) with light eyes who has shown he cares. And it is time for me to stop living in the past and fully move on.

I am ready to leave the past where it is and try to look forward to what may come.


Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day Weekend was a dream. I woke up early on Saturday morning and rushed up to where my sister and her kids live. She is divorced so I rarely get to see her kids during the week. My dad was over building a new swing set for them:

Under the Wisteria at my Mother’s House

Little Don (2), Me, and Eli (5). These sweet little ones made my day.

Little Don loves his new swing set!!

Eli and his crazy grandmother (my mom)

Action Shot! Eli decided to go down the slide backwards…

On Monday, me and my friend Liz decided to hit up the new Shelby Farms. They have three mile track I like to walk. The weather was perfect. Overcast even though it was still about 90 degrees!

Overall it was such a perfect weekend. I love to take photos so I am hoping to start doing a weekly blog of just the photos I take during the week. I am NO professional, but I enjoy the pictures.



Change is Good

I have debated if I should blog about this until it has officially happened. But I have held it in TOO long.

I am officially leaving my job of 5 years to go to another place. I start next Friday. I have NOT given my notice because my boss (who I am close to personally) has been on vacation the last week and I really want to do it in person out of respect for her and I didn’t want to ruin her vacation. I am in a sales position, so the second I give them my notice they will make me leave.

It all started about three months ago. My place of employment requires the sales people to be very active on LinkedIn. I post updates about the industry and write posts. This has led to me getting countless requests from recruiters and competitors. I have repeatedly turned them down for a very long time. I have been happy with my job and I have done well.

But two months ago I received a connection request from a very large company. I didn’t think much about it, because I get those pretty often too. I accept and within an hour he had sent me a message about a job that they had open. I was immediately interested because it is the DREAM to work for this company. But my loyalty and happiness here made me say no. Weekly he checked in with me, still asking if we could talk on the phone so that he could really tell me about this job opportunity. I had one bad week, and decided to give him a call.

I told him I was happy where I was and that there was nothing they could offer me to make me want to leave where I am. He asked me to just send him my resume, and look at the job online. If I felt compelled to interview he would be the one doing it along with two other executives. I talked it over with my work BFF and she said what was the harm. Our company has been suffering the last three years and who knows where we will be in the next 5. So I wrote up a new resume fast (didn’t even proof read it), checked out the online job and applied. I received word the next day when my interview would be.

Going over to their office was pretty amazing. The size and just the feeling of walking in gave me goosebumps, but I wasn’t nervous. If there is one thing I can sell, it is myself. I walked into the room and was drilled by the executives for over an hour. And I nailed it. Upon walking out, my main contact said “You didn’t even seem nervous.” and I said, “I wasn’t. I have nothing to lose because I am not trying to leave.”

A week went by and I didn’t hear anything. I thought to myself that I had done the right thing by taking a chance, but I knew it wouldn’t amount to anything.

But then my contact called me. He said out of 50 people that they received applications for, they narrowed it down to 25, then to 10, then they interviewed 5 candidates. And I was their unanimous pick for number one.

Talk about an ego boast.

I thanked him and before I could finish my sentence he said, “Let me tell you what we want to offer you.”

He said it and I almost choked. Never in a million years would I thought I could have a base pay that high, or all the benefits and the support. This company is a world wide company and they have the backing. I was speechless as he went on and on about the things they were offering me, even to the extra week of vacation I asked for in the interview.

I told him I needed a night to really think it over but I already knew my answer and it broke my heart.

I started in this industry with this company. They have taught me everything I know, and although we are mid-size I have been happy here. There have been rough moments but overall I have handled the pressure and moved up. But the reality is…where will I be in another 5 years? Not doing this same thing I hope.

I talked it over with my parents, my closest friends, and my work BFF and they all said I would be INSANE not to take it.

So I am officially doing it. Not only will it provide me with more financial support than I ever though possible, but the ability to grow and move with the company is what really makes it worth wild to me. I will miss my small office here, and the people I have gotten to know.

And now I just have to get through the weekend so I can tell my boss on Monday morning. That is something I am NOT looking forward to. She has been a mentor, a teacher, a sister, a friend and a great boss. I hope she isn’t angry and that she is understanding given the position. But it will be very sad to have to leave on that day.




The Wedding Date From Hell

I recently read a blog post by Single In The Suburbs 01 where she discussed that she did not take a wedding date to the last one she had attended. She had had more fun that way than had she taken a date.

I commented to her that I learned this lesson many years ago. The last wedding I attended, although I was a bridesmaid, I didn’t rush around trying to find a date. I went stag and had the best time!

Here is the reason I will ONLY take either a very good friend or a boyfriend as a wedding date:


To give you some back ground on this story, I have to bring up the death of my ex, Robert. I can’t remember if I have gone into what happened to him, but to make a very long story short, he and I dated for about 10 months when I left Texas and moved back to Tennessee. The distance was too hard for him, so we split, not because we didn’t love each other, but he just couldn’t deal with it. We remained close for the next year until he was killed in a car accident. It devastated me. Although we weren’t “together” when he passed, his death truly signified all of my childhood and early adulting were over. Reality set in, people die and we should live life to our fullest.

I didn’t date for a good two years after, just trying to work through my grief and anger over what happened. When I decided to “get back out there”, I was introduced to Joe. He was tall, graduated law school, was a personal trainer and was acquaintances with several of my friends. But since this was my first foray back into dating I was cautious. First off, I had decided NOT to talk about Robert’s death until it was the right time and when I was close to someone. That was TOO much baggage right off the bat.

Joe and I hit it off…at first. But as each date progressed, I began to realize he was lying about several things. What he did for a living. Him not passing The Bar.

And the kicker was his forcefulness when it came to being physical. I never let it get past kissing because he gave me bruises just from that. He was a BIG guy… about 6’5 and 240.

I distanced myself from him for a few weeks while I tried to work out what I wanted to do about him. But then my ex-best friend from college was getting married. It was weird enough that I wasn’t going to be in her wedding (because I completely disagreed with her choice of husband). I had alienated myself from most of my college sorority sisters (who were in the wedding) after Robert died because they basically told me I shouldn’t have been upset by it. And I realized they weren’t good friends.

So going stag to this wedding was NOT an option. My ex friend even asked if I was coming to her wedding that day…so I texted Joe and asked if he would be my date. He was up for it, and came dressed in seersucker  (Oh the south…) and listened when I gave him a backstory to why this wedding would be kind of awkward.

My anxiety was for nothing. Once I was there and saw all the people I had been avoiding for months, I felt relaxed and happy to see them. I told Joe this… that I was obviously overreacting and letting my social anxiety take hold. He kept pushing us to go to other sides of the reception because he wanted to make out and when I refused he got mad. Therefore I drank more wine….

We sat down with some people I went to college with and the lies that sprouted out of his mouth to impress these people were ridiculously. It was like he completely forgot what he had been telling me the past two months. He was working with these people and doing this and that and he owned this…blah blah blah. I get it he was trying to seem like this great catch but he came out looking like a snake.

I drank MORE wine.

The night was getting closer to being over when one of my sorority sisters who happen to be from Mexico (which is where Robert was from), came up to me. She had talked on the phone with Robert a few times since they both spoke Spanish. Joe was standing nearby.

“I haven’t really gotten a chance to see how you are after….. Robert.” She said nothing sure how to bring it up. She was sincere and concerned with her question.

I responded, “I’m not much better. It has been about two years now, so thankfully things are much better and I am obviously dating again.”

That was BASICALLY IT. I didn’t feel like getting in with her about all the therapy I had to go through, or how I completely changed my group of friends after, and that I was having issues being in that very place with all those people. I noticed after, Joe became stiffer.

He immediately began to ask if we could leave. I was dancing and having a good time with my old friends. I wasn’t ready to leave. He started pushing me even more, and I got right up in his face and said “Dude… I will leave when I am ready.”

I was ready to LEAVE him there but then the party was officially over. We had walked from my house to the wedding, so we began the trek back. He continued to try to stop and kiss me the whole way back, but between the alcohol and his behavior I knew that I needed to end his advances and get home. And then end whatever it was that he and I were doing.

He walks me to my door and I politely thank him for escorting me. I wasn’t ready to deal with ending it with him yet, especially with a bottle of wine in my stomach. My roommate and one of her friends were in the living room. I walked in and past by them when I heard my roommate say “Um…. Hi Joe.”

He had followed me into the house. I spun around quickly surprised that he was in the living room.

“We need to talk.” He said as he began to push me towards my bedroom.

“I don’t feel like talking right now. Let’s talk tomorrow when I am not drunk.”

He insisted but I refused to go in my bedroom. I had a honest fear he would overtake me. So I ran around him and out the front door. My roommate and her friend were frozen.

Joe followed me out and began yelling at me. Saying I only took him to this wedding to be a trophy. I followed up to say that I took him because I thought he would be a good date, but instead he lied to my friends and constantly tried to get my attention back on him like some jealous teenager. We argued this fight for a bit but then the real reason for his anger came out.

“It’s obvious that you aren’t over your ex. Your friend even spoke about him IN FRONT OF ME! Robert, is it?! If you are still so in love with him, you should have taken him.”

This sobered me up instantly.

“He has nothing to do with this. And you shouldn’t talk about things that you don’t know about.”

He kept pushing “You aren’t the first girl to pull this shit on me. Was he there? Were you trying to make him jealous?!”

I thought I was going to slap him at this point. “No he wasn’t there. He died two years ago.”

I really thought this would stop the fight. I could tell from his reaction that was the LAST thing he was expecting. And I understood from the conversation with my friend that he definitely didn’t pick up on it, but either way…. he was handling this all wrong.

I tried to be nice, “I am sorry I didn’t tell you about him sooner, but I don’t like talk about it. It makes me sad, and I wasn’t ready to tell you about him.”

“Fine, your ex is dead. Let me tell you something honey. You need to get over him and  move on. It has been two years and he is BURIED AND DECOMPOSED!

I reached back and slapped him across the face, tears bursting from my eyes the second I made contact. I will never forget how those words tore into me. I cussed him out, kicked him and told him if I ever saw him again I would beat the shit out of him. I also told him that no matter how many more years he had left on this earth he would never amount to a pinky worth of the good that was my ex.

I stomped inside and cried to my roommates who were ready to call the cops on him. I cried myself to sleep that night, trying to once again get over loosing my dear friend and that I had pushed something that was not going to work.

I woke up the next day to phone calls and texts from my old college friends. Apparently after the fight with me, Joe headed up to a bar where the wedding party and their dates were. We had been invited but he never told me. He went up there, his face still red from where I slapped him and NEVER TOLD THEM WE WERE IN A FIGHT. He sat there and lied some more, telling them I didn’t feel well but that he should still go meet up with them. He went on to get into an argument with two of my friends until they asked him to leave.

I was mortified. But I learned a very valuable lesson.

NEVER take someone you aren’t in a committed relationship to a wedding. I know that this was worst case, but I have not done it since.

I blocked his number and have never spoken to him again. I have seen him out in public a few times, and he basically hides his face from me.




What Love Isn’t

One of the blogs I follow, Rosie over at The Hookup Culture  wrote this beautiful post. I suggest going to read it if you haven’t already.

It really spoke to my heart and brought me back to my relationship with Ex #4.

My favorite lines:

Love isn’t easy. It’s just as complicated as every other emotion out there – if not more.”

Love isn’t life. Loving yourself should be a priority over finding someone to love you.”

Love isn’t easy. This was the main argument when he and I were breaking up. He thought it should be easy. No fights or disagreements. No ruts. You should be as happy as you were in the beginning at all times. On your best behavior I guess.

But that isn’t reality.

The thing I have learned the most of the last few months is that people change. Some it takes years, while others it could be short months. Your love for one another is never guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Communication is key and being in a relationship is a CHOICE above all else. If you choose to not be in it, so be it. But don’t be a coward and shy away because it isn’t this perfect thing you have idealistically tried to make it.

Either way, Go read her post. I have tagged it below:


I don’t know what love is. I don’t know how to feel it, when it’s supposed to happen, or how you’re supposed to know. Every time I thought I was in love I ended up bitterly heartbroken, utterly confused, and pretty convinced that what just happened wasn’t actually love. All I know is what love isn’t. Love […]

via What Love Isn’t — Hookup Culture

It All Makes Sense

When we are in the middle of a relationship, we tend to overlook all the warning signs that something just isn’t right. While we are in the middle of being “in love” we push away all the signs that our partner isn’t good for us or probably anyone else.

I dated someone for 10 months last year. I have mentioned this a few other times in my blog.

This week a friend of mine helped me recall something, that at the time I just discounted.

My friend Liz said, “MR, I really thought he was just weird, gay, or… something else.”

My mind was racing. Something else? Like what?!

She said, “I got this vibe that he was… more womanly than you.”

I thought about it for a moment. Looking back; past the rejection, I remembered the first few months we dated. And all of the “weird” things that should have made me run from him.


1). The way he would smile goofily with his finger to his mouth. I don’t even know if I can truly describe this. IT. WAS. ODD. And oddly girlish. The first time he did it, it was a photo he showed me of himself from the Big Wig Ball he had attended without me right after we started dating. I thought, ‘He is just being silly for the photo.’ But many other times he did this. I swear every time he did my eyes would double in size.

2). TMI, but when we first started having sex, he had issues finishing. He would tell me he thought he needed to “go to the doctor” because this had happened before. I told him we just needed to take our time and there was no rush. It got better and then it got worse before the break up. Once again, I told myself that there were so many other good qualities about him that I needed to overlook this.

3). We had to see his sister EVERYDAY. He had three sisters, but the closest in age to him (by 13 months) lived two streets over. Before me, he hadn’t dated in two years. She and her husband would joke about how he was ALWAYS at their house, like their little kid. We had our moments away, but literally we had to pick them up for everything. I felt as if his sister was in the middle of our relationship. At one point he even told me that I shouldn’t become too friendly with her, because HE was her best friend. And that he found it odd anytime one of his girlfriends got to close to her. It hurt my feelings. I stopped trying so hard with her after this.

Their closeness didn’t stop there. We would be dining at restaurants and he would text her to see what kind of dessert he should get. Or he would order her food and we would take it to her. On the way somewhere he would often want to drive by her house even if it wasn’t on the way just “to check on things.” We rarely planned a date where he wouldn’t say, “Let’s see if Kate can come.”

Once I gave him an odd look after one of these comments. My face is very descriptive, especially when it comes to my emotions. He looked at me sharply, “What was that look for?” I wanted to say, “Because you and your sister are WEIRD.” but instead I just said, “I am just worried about Kate, that’s all.”

This was something else I saved for just my analyzing. I honestly did think that it would one day come down between she and I, but had I decided this was a real issue early on, I believe it would have saved me some heart ache.

4). He wanted to wear my Halloween costumes. We had been invited to one of my friend’s Halloween parties. I was feeling insecure because I had put on some weight the last few months, so I figured instead of buying a brand new costume, I would reuse an old one. I brought five down to his house to try on. I was so excited for us to attend a party as a couple, but when I would bring it up and ask him what he was going to wear, he would just say, “I’ll figure it out later.”

A week before the party, him, me, his sister and her husband were at dinner. His sister asked what we were going as for Halloween. I said, “Well, I am going as a 1920s flapper. Not sure what he will be.” She pointed the question to him and he said, “I’ll wear whatever she doesn’t wear.”

His sister just giggled. She thought it was hilarious. And at first I laughed too. And then I said, “Are you serious?”

And he said, “Yes, I just thought I would be you dressing up for Halloween.”

Now, maybe to some people that is funny. But first off, apparently for Halloween in the past he would dress in women’s Halloween costumes. Second, the fact that he thought he could FIT into MY Halloween costumes that were made by ME. Which means that fit MY body.

I have woman’s body. Hourglass and curvy. He is 6’4 and broad shoulder. My waist is 28 inches.

When we got home later, I asked him again what he was going to be. And he replied, “I’ll wear one of your dresses.”

I said, “Honey, you can’t fit in them.”

“I bet I can.”

I shook my head and went to the closet. Brought them out. One by one he “tried” them on and one by one they DID NOT FIT.

He seemed so let down. So disappointed that he wasn’t going to get to wear MY CLOTHES.

From then on, I began to pay more attention to my closet at his house. I swear when I would be gone for a few days and come in for the weekend that it appears that they were moved around. Maybe it was just paranoia but a big part of me thinks he really wants to BE a woman. More importantly, BE HIS SISTER.


There were many more issues. Between no communication, childish behaviors, and odd family behavior dynamics, I am lucky to have gotten away. But these 4 issues are the ones I keep looking back on and thinking, “What was I thinking staying with him?”

The day before we broke up he had to go on a sister date with his sister. He had to discuss our relationship with her, even though he wouldn’t even discuss it with me.

And still, I miss the MFer. But I know its the rejection. Truly.

Have any of you been in relationships where something was BALANTLY wrong but you stayed?

And if they ended it, did you still feel so rejected even though you knew the whole time it wasn’t going to work?