As much as I love Christmas, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. A lot of my friends who moved away come home during this time,  people aren’t tired of the holidays yet and who doesn’t love a reason to binge eat?

I attended my first Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving event last night. My lovely friend Monica, hosted at her and her boyfriend’s condo. They moved all the furniture out of the living room and brought in small tables and we decorated them with candle holders, baby pumpkins and votives.

There were different groups of people there but we all came together to say thanks for our friendships and this beautiful town we live in.

Potluck for days

I made my famous deviled eggs… which of course I completely forgot to take a photo of. It amazes me how people think they are hard to make. It’s my go to for potlucks because it’s very rare that people won’t like them. I made 20 eggs total, split in twos and they were all gone! 

The damage

I’m finally feeling more into the holiday season and last nights get together really pumped me up for it.

A few posts back I spoke of how I was dreading this holiday or lack there of. I worked up the courage to tell my mom that I really wanted a holiday since we haven’t had one in four years. She actually agreed and has started making tons of plans. Although this season will be sad (due to my stepfathers death earlier this year) I think staying busy will make it better for her.



Midtown Apartment

The apartment I moved into was built in 1925. Recently renovated, I was lucky to be one of the first tenants when it reopened.

Possibly my favorite room is the kitchen. They opened up cabinet space by installing floating shelves. It actually really helped me to de-clutter what I had because I only wanted “nice” looking things on the shelves. The top shelf is pretty high, so I placed my stainless steel pots and pans along with two beautiful lanterns. Because, let’s face it, I won’t be cooking THAT often. I hope to find some hooks to hang the tea-cups from the shelves so that I have more room. I added the lamp because the space was so large and I needed some color among all of the neutrals.


The “bedroom” was so small that I decided to convert it into the living room area and move my bed into what would be considered the living room. If and when I decide to get a TV, (I usually only watch things on my phone: Tonight Show, TV shows on Amazon Prime. I haven’t owned a television in over 11 years), I will place it on the white dresser. I bought this from a neighbor in bad shape. I painted it white and scrubbed some of it off to give a worn and weather looked. This wall isn’t complete but for now it will do.


The opposite side of the loving room has my French Country style chair and my blue wingback chair. I may get a cover for the wingback chair, still deciding. I ordered the curtains from Wayfair and I am regretting not getting them longer. I prefer for curtains to drag the floor. I have had the iron wall hanging since I lived in Texas. I plan on painting it gold. The white end table is vintage, from my grandparents in the 1960s. I recently refurnished them while as well. And that is a real piece of marble sitting on top of it.


The bathroom was completely redone as well. I thought a white curtain would brighten it up a bit. That was also purchased through Wayfair.


The other corner of the bathroom has floating shelving as well. I added some decorative blue and brown glass vases, a brown basket for supplies and a small lantern. to contrast the with the lighter walls and shelves. I had the white basket from where I use to live, and placed my hand towels in it.


I have had the same bedroom motif for several years now. I love my duvet cover that I bought way back when I was working at Dillard’s. I have tried finding a new one but nothing looks as good as this one. I bought the red accent pieces for the wall 4 years ago and they still look great. It really makes a statement for when you enter my apartment.


It feels good to have everything in it’s place. I have a few more things I want to get, like a rug and another shelf.