Just when you thought

It’s funny how just to soon as you think that things are going great and you’re completely over your ex and you haven’t thought about him in a while you find out your old roommate from college is his new girlfriend. The stranger thing about this is the fact that this is a girl who has repeatedly copied your style from your hair down to your clothes. And even got a boob job by taking a photo of you and your bra size into the surgeon.

It’s creepy on so many different levels. One that your ex dumb to you but yet he is now dating someone who has been imitating you for the last 10 years. Into the fact that she knows he’s my ex and she has even told me she doesn’t like him but she’s going to stay with him anyways.

People are insane.

At least I got to travel to the gulf this week. That was the only good thing. 


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