I Survived

Between the bridal showers, talks of weddings past and babies, the awkward single men and the drunken bouquet toss…. I survived the wedding I was in.

It wasn’t all that bad. The venue was gorgeous. This French Victorian House (Woodruff-Fontaine House in Memphis)  was the setting for the ceremony.

The back court yard was used as the location for the ceremony with the carriage house serving as the dining and dancing place.

I will say that having an outdoor wedding at the end of August is not suggested. We had to change out of our dress three times form the heat. I am surprised my makeup didn’t slip off my face at one point.

My friend was a beautiful bride. And they seemed so utterly happy. It was lovely and the best part was the ceremony lasted exactly 5 minutes!!

I had one of the best hair days of my life, and yes I did it myself. 🙂

I mostly enjoyed getting drunk at the reception and hanging out with some of my favorite people. Me, Kayla, and her husband even hit up Raifords afterwords for dancing and stealing other people’s shots.

All in all, it’s over it I am so glad I did it. I loved being there for my wonderful friend and being a part of her special day. It was beautiful all around and the happiness I saw was simply amazing.

I have a year to recover until my next gig as a bridesmaid. But I will be ready!


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