NYC, here I come! 

I cannot remember if I spoken of my upcoming trip to the big apple. But now that I have bought my plane tickets, there is no worry if it will happen!

It’s a short trip for my sister and I, but we plan on making the most of it. The prize event is seeing Hamilton on Broadway that Wednesday evening. I managed to get tickets a face value a few months back which sparked this trip. 

If any of you have been to NYC what must I see? 


2 thoughts on “NYC, here I come! 

  1. Congrats, what a score! There are so many must-sees, but we would definitely say the High Line ranks pretty high on the list. If you’re an art fan, combine that with an art gallery walk in Chelsea. Also, definitely visit the Met Museum – there are so many great galleries (pick one, or you could lose a day!) but it’s worth it for the iconic steps and the amazing rooftop alone (which now has the Psycho Barn on it). Have a wonderful trip! 🙂

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