It’s Been A While

I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Life has been too busy. With work trips, wedding shows, a bachelorette party, three dates I finally ended up crashing yesterday and not leaving the house at all.

I can’t say enough how happy I will be when August is over.

I have barely had time to work out, sleep, and keep up with friends.

I have gone on dates with three different men. And there has been a recurring theme in all of the dates.

I realize that in this day and age, society does put pressure on us to figure out ‘what we want to do with our live’ early on. And when it doesn’t work out when end up in the ‘quarter life crisis’ phase. All three of these men I went on dates with are at some  point in their crisis. Not happy with their current job and wanting to figure out what to do next. I went through something similar in my mid twenties but I made a decision to change industries, I didn’t just “talk” about it, which is what these guys are constantly doing. Just talking, no action.

I find it unattractive and I immediately seem to loose interest.


Side story:

Wednesday and Thursday evening I booked a hotel in Little Rock. I used Priceline’s “name your price” tool and ended up kind of sketchy area (never doing that again!) . The hotel had seen better days. When I figure pulled up I immediately thought that I had the wrong address. There were only two cars in the parking lot.

There was a man outside smoking and when I got out of my car he said “Are you staying here?” When I replied yes he seemed utterly excited and ran inside the building so he could be behind the counter by the time I got there. I noticed a news paper article that had been taped to the counter that stated the hotel had been purchased that day to be updated. And boy, did it need updating.

It looks like it hadn’t been touched since the early 90’s. I asked him if there were other guests and he said no, but not to worry. He put me in a nice suite on the 4th floor in a corner room. When I got on the elevator there was a taped handwritten sign that said not go on the 5th floor. And when I stepped off the elevator there was a warped mirror at the end of the hallway to greet me.

I basically felt like I was in the Twilight Zone or that I suddenly stepped into the last season of American Horror Show with the hotel theme. My room was adequate, minus the tv wasn’t even plugged in, there was chain on the door, and the toilet paper hotel broke the second I touched it.

There was only one person who appreciate this nonsense.

My ex.

I didn’t think about it. I didn’t over analyze my motives. I sent him a text explaining the situation and that he was the only person I could think to tell at the moment.

He didn’t answer right away. So of course I was slightly nervous… He waited a good two hours before responding, but agreed that he didn’t appreciate it. He asked how I ended up there and told me I needed to check the mattress to ensure no one was sewn up in it. We bantered back in forth for a few texts and then it was over.

There was no personal talk. No “how are you?” We just discussed the hotel and if I would be able to sleep or not.

I didn’t answer his last text, and left it at that. Surprisingly I was not upset afterwards. In fact it really helped me. I sense in the future I will be running into him, and although I do not believe he deserves my time, I don’t want to run away or appear like his presence will bother me. I must gain control of this situation and I feel like that was a good step forward.

I met a guy for drinks on Saturday and for the first time in a while I got butterflies. I doubt it will go anywhere. The guy is 26 and not from Memphis. But we did have a good make out session and that reminded me of being a teen. He had me laughing all night and I hope we go on a another date soon.





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