A Bridedmaid’s Duty

A friend of mine for the last four years is getting married at the end of this month. This is the first wedding in five years where I will be a bridesmaid (I have managed to worm my way out of performing the tasks for all of my college friends). Considering all those that know me well, know how I view weddings. Especially large ones:

A waste of time and money.

Sure they are fun, food filling, reasons to drink parties. But at the end of the day if and when I get married will hopefully be between just me and him. Not 300 of our “closest” friends.

That being said, apparently i also did not know the rule of what I should and should not attend as a bridesmaid. Previously when I held this title, I went to one bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. 

Earlier this summer I received an invitation with my name on it as host. Did I know I was hosting?


Was I asked to host?


But because I am the only single one, not expecting a baby, didn’t just have twins, and don’t live in a different state I was obligated to help her sister who is the matron of honor with a shower. I didn’t complain, I bought food, paper plates, a piñata and alochol. Well.. I did complain to a few friends… But not the bride of course.

I get invitations to three other showers. I discard them because I had already thrown a shower. I had done my part. It was over! 

Last night me and the bride had dinner. 

Her: They (the bitches who threw her a pity shower) were asking why you and my other Bridedmaids weren’t there.

Me: You know I can’t stand them. 

Her: But as a bridesmaid you should have been there.

Ummmmmmmmmm since when?! I explained to her that if she had communicated my responsibility of participating at every event I would have informed her that I had no desire to attend another shower. And once again three other Bridedmaids have excuses: one 7 months pregnant, one just had twins, and one lives in Alabama.

So since I am SINGLE I should have to go to everything?!


So here I am up early on a saturday because I have another shower I have to attend. 

Remind me never to agree to be a bridesmaid again.


4 thoughts on “A Bridedmaid’s Duty

    • Girl, typically I say no. It ended up not being so bad and two other bridesmaids showed up but still. I was the only one who didn’t show up with a gift! Like I have already given then about 200 worth of presents not mention an engagement present

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