The Weekend 

I worked my ass off last week at work so by the time Friday came around I was so ready for it. I already wrote about what I did Friday night here. 

But I didn’t mention seeing by best friend before that. We was in town so I stopped in on her family dinner and got to chat with her a bit. She is expecting her second child with her husband in two short months! Time flies I guess! 

She on the left, me on the right

Saturday was a family day! Me, my mom, sister and eldest nephew hit up Tennessee’s Tax free weekend! Our only stop was Dillard’s for their additional 40% off. It was well worth it! I bought one work dress and the prettiest maxi ever! I ended up wearing it for my date later that night.

Pleats from the maxi

Saturday night, I had a date with a man originally from Iran. We went on a date earlier in the week and it’s still too soon for me to tell if anything is going on. I do like his personality but I’m not really feeling much of a spark on my end. This is usual for me… I rarely feel that right off the bat, so I’m going to give it a few more dates. But he did at least make a move on the second date, unlike Mr Nashville, which I greatly appreciated.

I cut the date shirt because I had friends in town to meet up with. We went to Windjammer, the local hole in the wall karaoke joint. I ended up drinking way more than I wanted but it was good to see friends I hadn’t seen in several years.

Sunday morning was spent trying to get over my hangover from the night before. I did manage to make myself go to church and then I forced myself to get three miles in at Shelby Farms to ensure I slept well last night. Overall the weekend was relaxing and I feel so fresher from it! If only every weekend was like this! 


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