Musical Life

If I could live my fantasy, it would be on the stage. The musical theatre stage.


To be exact.

But fear, parental consent, and so many other self inflicted stops halted my dream. From time to time I dive back in, performing in regional theatre. Last year I was 1/2 the narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. A dream come true even it was just regional theatre.

Me performing in Joseph last summer 

Me and two of my costars last year during Joseph

Joseph cast

Being silly back stage

Last year was the busiest I have ever been, yet the happiest. Me and my ex had just started officially dating. He came opening night brought the biggest boutique of flowers as a surprise. That was the night he met my sister. I was head over heels for him and it just added to all of the excitement. I was doing something I loved and then I found someone I loved.

This weekend the same theater opened their summer musical, Mary Poppins. My costar in Joseph was playing the lead so I promised her I would come to opening night. I contacted our other lead so me and him could go together as a reunion of sorts.

He and I got to catch up. He is graduating from college. Has so much hope for his future. And he asked about me and the ex. Like said, last summer I was so happy.

This summer I had no play, no budding romance.

Mary Poppins was excellent and my friend did an amazing job. 

I feel like most of my life is running or hiding from dreams of mine. Being on a broadway and finding “the one”. I basically have put them in the same basket. 

Both impossible to reach. 


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