When To Kiss?

When is it the correct time for a man to kiss a woman?

Apparently in the past and now even in my future, this dilemma is still there. I don’t necessarily want a kiss on the first date, however by the 3rd or 4th one, when you (the man) hasn’t moved in for the kill, I begin to wonder:

Are we just going to be friends?

This is the current predicament I am in and one that I have found myself in repeatedly.

Case in point:

#4 (see previous post to understand the numbers), didn’t kiss me for three weeks! And only after I said, “It has been three weeks, 8 dates, and I have met your sister. Are you ever going to kiss me?”

I met a guy on tinder once, name *Fred*. We went on several dates and I didn’t push him to kiss me. We ended up just being friends.

And now we are at Mr. Nashville.

I am driving there this evening after work. We talk on the phone at least twice a day. Texts throughout. He says sweet things and flirts.

But no kissing.

Should I press for this, or just wait it out? What if he ends up being a friend like Fred?

I don’t want to push him if he isn’t ready, but what if there is NO chemistry (because that does happen), and but we have put weeks into this “almost relationship.”

I guess this is just a risk I have to be willing to take.

But seriously:

When is it ok to ask for kiss? Or do you not? Or do you wait it out?

Thoughts would be much appreciated.





26 thoughts on “When To Kiss?

  1. I think if you want to kiss someone then you should make a move! You can tell if there is chemistry even without kissing, but after a few weeks you should both probably want to kiss each other. If not, I would think there probably isn’t much chemistry.

    • You are so right! In the passed I guess I end up being the first one to make a move, so I was trying not to do that. I guess I am over guys waiting FOREVER. Is it fear of rejection or do they just not want to kiss me? This guy is OLD SCHOOL. I mean he really wants to take things slow and that is fine, but I just want to kiss him! I think I will tonight. It’s time to know if there is anything there.

  2. If a woman on a date touches me and looks into my eyes, then I will kiss her. But, that is pretty blatantly obvious she expects this response. More than once a woman has asked me if I plan to kiss her.

    But, then I am pretty terrible at reading expressions and intent.

      • The first time? I probably was annoyed. Not at her, but at myself for not having realized she really wanted me to kiss her and could have long ago.

        The latest time? I laughed it off and kissed her.

      • Haha. See that gives me a bit of hope! Hopefully he will react the same way. We shall see! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I guess unless you exhibit the right body language the guy would not want to ruin what he already has with you, which is the pleasure of your company. I for one would never dare to do it, unless I was very clear she wanted it too. But I have read that some women want the guy to initiate early and see what happens. Alpha male and some shit like that. I don’t know, I would rather be a dumb fool than a sleazy guy who just can’t keep his mouth to himself 🙂

  4. 3 weeks is pretty excessive – I would have tried the first time you gave me signals, but if I didn’t get any by the 2nd/3rd date I’d probably be outta there. The guy is supposed to kiss the girl on the first date, to show you we’re physically interested. It’s a 2 way street.

    • You are right. He still didn’t kiss me. It basically went flat. I’ll be updating my blog this evening.

      • I’ve liked girls on first dates and played it safe by not going for the kiss – I ask for a 2nd date and they say “No, I can tell you weren’t really into me”. That’s happened more times than I’d like to admit.

      • I mean I get waiting to the second date. But three weeks? I just think you aren’t physically attracted. And I loose interest if you aren’t interested.

      • It doesn’t take 3 weeks – trust me. From my experience, you’re lip locked at the end of the first date if you both are really into each other. Those dates are quite rare though, but they’re awesome when they happen!

      • Very very true. I wasn’t having much luck on match. So I tried it. He was 36 and a recovered alcoholic. We had a lot in common but it just wasn’t right. I think I’m going to take a break from dating for a while.

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