Happy Fourth

My fourth wasn’t that great. Between dealing with my mom and her dramatics it was anything but the normal fourth of July. I have basically come to the conclusion that my mother is suffering from some major mental illness issues that I hope are uncovered once she begins counseling in a few weeks.

I had a wonderful weekend beyond that. I moved into my new apartment and got everything set up. I spent some much needed best friend time with Crystal and another old friend Brittany.

I got to see Mr. Nashville as well.


Friday night we had dinner at my favorite middle eastern restaurant. It was right after work and I was a bit frazzled from moving and working all in the same day. After dinner we rode around his old neck of the woods. He showed me where he worked pre recession and where he use to go out before he became sober.

Saturday he was suppose to drive back to Nashville, but decided not to. His sister has been in the hospital for surgery and was having a difficult time. He asked if I wanted to grab coffee at the hospital, but since this was the same hospital where my stepdad died two months prior I suggested Starbucks instead. I was all settled and moved into my new place by then so a lot of my “stressors” were gone. He made a comment, “You have a glow about you tonight that wasn’t there yesterday. I just think you were still in work mode.” I cringed. I do tend to let work get the best of me temper wise. And I am a very authoritative figure at work and sometimes it is hard to turn off. I was much more carefree on Saturday, for sure. I invited him back to see my place, we took my car back to midtown and just sat and talked in the living room for hours.

He is so easy to talk to. I realize I say this a lot, and it is my job to talk to people. But he really has me at ease.

Around 11:30 I took him back to his car and waited for a kiss that did not come.

He asked if would let him know when I arrived home.

I texted, “I am home. BTW, when you are ready to kiss me, you can.”

His response, “Do you always give men permission to kiss you?”


He proceeded to ask me to breakfast in the morning before heading back to Nashville. We met at Brother Junipers and had another amazing meal with amazing conversation. I was sad to see him go and still no kiss.

We spoke on the phone a few times while he traveled back.

For someone who has only been in my life about 8 weeks and who I have had no real physical contact with, I miss him. He has a deep voice that is southern and strong. He is opinionated without being forceful of his beliefs. He is a listener and remembers what I say. And when things hit the fan with my mom yesterday I did not hesitate to tell him. He understands because his mother is very similar.

I was even tempted to drive to Nashville last night. But I reminded myself there is plenty of time for that. And we saw each other three days in a row. It’s ok to take a break for four days.






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