Memphis Again

Two years to the month, I have moved back to Memphis!

I spent two year at my parent’s house recouping from a horrible car accident (physically, financially and emotionally) but I was ready to be back in my city. My dad helped me move my bigger furniture this morning. I came into work to do some weekly reporting and I will take another load down tomorrow morning with my best friend.

I am feeling quite nostalgic. Moving back to the same street I once lived in two years ago has me missing my old roommate and longing for younger day.

Back then, me and three girlfriends would all meet up at our favorite local bar, Bardog downtown. We were never carded because we went so much. They knew our names and our drinks before we even had to ask for one. Some of my best memories in my late 20s involve that place. One of the friends moved to Ohio, one friend moved in with her boyfriend and away, and one friend I stopped talked to.

It’s hard to think that I will be back in midtown with no friends nearby (everyone has coupled off and moved to the suburbs) except me. But I am eager to be by myself. ok

I haven’t lived alone in over six years!

This is the time for new experiences, even if it is in an place of established memories.

Here’s to new adventures, being in my 30s, the single life, and loving every minute.






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