Throwing Out the Rules

I did something very unlike myself and was completely inspire by Taylor Swift’s latest relationship.

I know.

That is lame!

But WAIT! Hear me out!

I have been following Taylor’s latest relationship with Tom Hiddleston. They are both just DIVING in.

But what about the rules? Neither of them seemed to care. Just two weeks before making out on a beach, Taylor was going through the end of her 15 month long love story with Calvin Harris. And BAM, the girl is on the move! No “mourning period.” She is in a full fledged, meet the parents, and jet set around the world relationship.

I found myself asking “Why I can’t do that?”

Not the jet-setting, obviously… I mean more of the taking a dive. Oh well if you get hurt, at least you have a good story to tell and inspiration for a new album.

Sunday afternoon I was bored to death. I had been laying out by the pool with my mom all morning and then a storm blew up. There wasn’t a book I wanted to read, a tv show I felt compelled to get lost in. And then Mr. Smooth Voice gave me a ring. He was driving back from his mountain biking trip in Georgia and just wanted to hear MY voice. He was only an hour away from Nashville.

We met about a month ago on Tinder. He was in Memphis visiting his family but he lives in Nashville. At first I just tried to shove him off since he lived 3 hours away. I have done long distance before and it was pretty one sided on my part. No need to do that to myself again. But we continued to talk and he started calling me everyday. He has one of those deep bass voices, like that country singer, Josh Turner. He is southern, a gentleman, a devote Christian, and very understanding to all my rambles. His plan was to come in for the Fourth of July weekend to take me out on a date so we could officially meet.

“What if I drove to Nashville tonight?” I asked, and waiting for him to come up with some excuse for me not to.

“I mean, I would love to take you out. Come on!”

I melted. Then my brain started to talk me out of it. He could be a murderer, a rapist, a thief. Didn’t you JUST get on to your sister for doing this exact same thing? So now you are a hypocrite?

He then said, “Why don’t you think about it and give me a call if you want to. I have a spare bedroom with its own bathroom. You wouldn’t have to drive back and I promise I won’t be pressuring you to do something.”

I thought of Taylor Swift and her not giving a shits about what the world thinks of her and dear old Loki. And I was INSPIRED.

We hung up  and I made mad dash to the bathroom to get showered, changed and packed in less than 20 minutes. I said bye to my mom and called him from the car. He was beyond excited.

Three hours later when I finally got to Nashville the first words out of his mouth when he met me in the parking lot were “Wow, you are more beautiful in person.” I knew I made the right decision.

We had Thai food and talked for another three hours but what seemed like minutes. And before I knew it, it was 10:30 and time to go to sleep. He gave me a sweet hug and that was it. He showed me how to make coffee  (he had to be up much earlier than I) and told me to make myself at home.

I fell straight to sleep in the spare bedroom but longed to be in his arms. I heard him leave at 5:30am and I was instantly sad I didn’t try to get up to meet him before he left. He sent me a text letting me know he had gotten to work and what to do with the key once I left. I fell back to sleep for another two hours before I needed to get up and I had the sweetest dream about him coming back early.

Meeting someone and dreaming about them immediately is a new for me.

It was only one date, and a 6 hours drive total. But so far I like this man a lot. And Thursday seems like a million miles away.




2 thoughts on “Throwing Out the Rules

  1. Dating as an adult is hard but in someways, it’s cool. You know yourself better and when you have a connection with someone- its hard to miss. I hope this goes well for you :). It’s inspiring to read about your story of heartbreak and your journey to finding the one that is right for you. All those relationship(s) that never worked out are e sign posts pointing to the right person :).

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